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Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our service includes a comprehensive personal counseling session to help you identify a plant-based program suited to your needs, a comprehensive report that includes a food and shopping list, recipes, plant-based home remedies, and lifestyle suggestions. We offer guidance on obtaining the highest quality foods and other products that will help you achieve results quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.

Articles and web postings about the benefits of a plant-based diet appear daily. At Berkshire Holistic Associates we help you sort through the growing volume of data and translate these findings into practical steps you can take to improve your health. We can help you avoid much of the confusion that surrounds the field of diet and health today.

Berkshire Holistic Associates (B.H.A.) is a division of the non-profit Planetary Health, Inc, a Berkshire-based 501(c)(3) educational organization. B.H.A. is dedicated to providing quality and affordable education for the local community on the benefits of a plant-based way of eating. B.H.A. also supports adoption of complementary approaches such as acupuncture, massage, Asian bodywork, and yoga, and serves as a referral for these services in Berkshire County.

B.H.A. is committed to working with local health providers to sponsor research on the benefits of plant-based eating for chronic conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cardiovascular disease.

Berkshire Holistic Associates believes that good health is everyone's birthright. Our educational programs and services are open to everyone.

Edward Esko, CEO of Berkshire Holistic Associates, is the founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute and author of over a dozen books on holistic health and nutrition. With over 40 years of experience, he has lectured and counseled in over a dozen countries and has guided thousands of people around the world. Edward's most recent book is Dementia: The Macrobiotic Approach, published by IMI Press. A list of his books can be found at:

Alex Jack, Associate Director of Berkshire Holistic Associates, is the President of Planetary Health, Inc., and author of numerous books on holistic health including The Cancer Prevention Diet, Diet for a Strong Heart, and Let Food be thy Medicine. Alex is the director of the annual Macrobiotic Summer Conference in Lenox, MA. Alex has over 40 years experience in working with individuals and communities to improve health and well being through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle.

Bettina Zumdick, Director of Nutrition Services at Berkshire Holistic Associates, has more than 30 years experience in designing and preparing healthful and delicious plant-based menus, recipes, and meals. She has presented public and private cooking classes around the world, and is the author of Authentic Foods. She founded the Culinary Medicine School. See for information about her programs.

Naomi Ichikawa Esko, expert chef and cooking instructor, is the founder of Macrobiotics Japan. She studied plant-based Japanese cooking in Tokyo and is co-founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute. Naomi is the author of Smart Vegan Cuisine, IMI Press.

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Our educational services are designed  to empower you with the tools you need to  succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth and transition toward a healthful way of living and eating.

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